Helping business and government
flow together, better.

Northern Ireland.
A hub of industry.
A beacon of innovation.
A leading destination for international investment.

For a small region sitting on the edge of Europe that’s home to fewer than 2 million people, Northern Ireland has always stood out from the crowd.

An exemplar in peacebuilding. A place rich in resilience, creativity, and possibilities.

There is a renewed interest in our part of the world as we reflect on the progress of the last 25 years and look forward to a future filled with hope and almost limitless potential. To realise our ambitions, we need industry and government to combine their efforts like never before. Working as one to build an inclusive and sustainable economy and seize the opportunities that will flow from being “the world’s most exciting economic zone”.

Insightful. Adaptive. Empowering.

Helping business and government
flow together, better.


It doesn’t matter what size your organisation is or what sector it operates in, whether it’s homegrown or a new investor in Northern Ireland, a fast growing start up or well established company, the interface between government and business can, at times, seem complex and confusing.

Drawing on decades of experience in both the public and private sectors, Confluence makes your interaction with government easier. We interpret, we explain, we decode, we demystify, ensuring that you know what matters, and what doesn’t, and we recommend how you should best respond to relevant policy and legislative changes.legislative changes.


Confluence works with clients who want to make a lasting, meaningful and positive impact on people, place and our planet to generate ideas, shape strategies, produce plans and chart a course to deliver the kind of change you want to be synonymous with.

As government grapples with uncertainty at the same time as it strives to build a successful economy and society, we connect you and your solutions to the right stakeholders and decision makers and build long term relationships with the people that matter.


In a world where fresh challenges arise with unerring regularity, understanding the political and economic environment in which you operate has never been more important. 

Data is at the heart of how Confluence deliver strategies and solutions for our clients.  With unparalleled experience and access to cutting edge insights, Confluence can help you to be far sighted and stay one step ahead.


Confluence works with cutting edge, sector leading companies and organisations to successfully steer them through the intricate, often complicated, world of government and politics. We work with you to define and deliver success. We help amplify your agenda, skilfully advancing policy solutions, influencing decision making and securing vital support to make your ambitions a reality. With our wealth of experience, we simplify engagement with the public sector, ensuring your vision stands out from the crowd.


From keynote speakers, panel appearances or print and media contributions, Confluence’s experts can provide quality content and offer unique understandings of current events, and share perspectives, stories and lessons on a wide range of subjects.

About Us

“Business is an activity conducted on a playing field where the rules are set by the government”.

Whether it’s new legislation and regulation or policy and funding changes, government actions can directly impact upon your business. With change a constant, understanding and appreciating the subtleties and nuances of interacting with those in power has never been more important to ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

With unmatched experience and expertise, Confluence is here to help industry and government work together, better in the new NI.

We develop strategies that will assist you to navigate increasingly complex political, environmental and social challenges and help you become more impactful and purpose driven.

We provide analysis and produce insights on what political events and emerging trends mean for organisations, their sector and the wider local economy and society.

We make the connections, create the conversations and help shape your contribution so that you can continue to be relevant and effective in our ever-changing world.

At Confluence, we are deeply passionate about this place we call home. It’s something we have in common with our clients. Our goal is to bridge the gap between industry and government. To power growth in businesses like yours. To help solve our shared social and environmental challenges. And to build genuine, lasting partnerships that are for the betterment of everyone in every part of our region and beyond.To help businesses in their missions to solve our shared social and environmental challenges. And to assist government in understanding how industry can aid them in addressing their many challenges. 

Confluence. Helping business and government flow together, better.

Simon Hamilton

Managing Director

Simon Hamilton has been at the forefront of business and politics in Northern Ireland for more than a decade. After graduating with degrees in history/politics and law from The Queen’s University of Belfast, Simon began his career as an auditor at PwC before entering politics. Simon served as Minister of Finance, Minister of Health and Minister for the Economy in the Northern Ireland Executive, gaining respect from across the political spectrum for his pragmatic approach and earning a reputation as a reformer and moderniser.

Upon leaving politics in 2019, Simon spent 4 years as Chief Executive of Belfast Chamber. As Managing Director and Co-Founder of Confluence, Simon offers clients a unique blend of experience, expertise and understanding of Northern Ireland’s political, governmental and economic landscape coupled with a proven track record for problem solving and delivering results in difficult circumstances.

John Keane


John is Chairman and CEO of The Ardmore Group. He has been in business in Northern Ireland for more than 30 years.

The Ardmore Group employs over 60 people and incorporates Ardmore, a Campaign Top 30 UK Regional Agency, a Drum Top 100 Independent Agency and The Creative Pool UK Independent Agency of the Year; LK Communications, a CIPR multiple award-winning public relations agency and Built for Growth Digital, Ecommerce UK Marketing Agency of the Year.

John has served as Chair and is a current board member of Worldwide Partners Inc (WPI), the world's largest network of independent agencies; Ardmore is a longstanding partner and shareholder. John is a Fellow of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and has served as UK Regional Chair.

The Ardmore Group delivers strategic, results driven marketing solutions for local, national, and international clients in the public and private sectors, across agrifood, B2B, energy, financial services, retail, leisure, tourism, and transport. Being NI-based, the Group enjoys a unique position. John and his team are currently working with multiple international brands in sixteen countries, demonstrating both that NI-based businesses can excel in the global market and that international businesses see real value in NI’s people and their capabilities. Working internationally brings an exciting new perspective, access to global excellence and John believes that NI now sits on the brink of a huge opportunity.

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